Turbo Balancing

MRV- 2 Or TurboMax-10


MRV-2The best innovating machine on dynamic turbochargers balancing. Redat, thanks to a great experience and professionalism, has developed and manufactured MRV-2, an innovating and complete machine on dynamic turbochargers balancing.

The result of the acquired experience in the design and in the daily use of its balancing machines, we have come to the maximum optimization of the product: so MRV-2 is born. A new line, extremely compact and functional, a total visibility and a wide access to the work zone are the new, most evident features.

But the internal innovations are the most relevant ones of MRV-2 project, which improve and further facilitate the machine use.

The CHRA test launch is carried out in a totally automized way, thus removing the variables due to the user's manual ability, and making test results more repeatable and compatible.

An equipment and an onboard system completely revised and redrawn in the direction of a simplicity and reliability of use.

Data reading and system check are now completely digitized and worked out from a latest-generation industrial PC, in Windows XP environment.

A generous display of all functions and results thanks to a 15" TFT monitor, and a brand new dialogue software with the operator. MRV-2 can fully exploit the functionalities of its computer, as it is connectable in line with other PCs, printers and it has a CD-writer for data input or saving.

Its compactness renders MRV-2 very convenient for transportation and handling in the machine shop, making cleaning and maintenance easy.


The functioning characteristics have been inherited from the reliability of the previous model MRV-1: the exclusive Redat patent which allows to test a core assy with the relative original charter body, better recreating the internal air flux. The process of a correction angle and of an imbalance module at end launch to be able to intervene with simplicity and precision on the parts to balance. The presence of an air tank (about 300 litres) inside tne machine, and a muffler in accordance with the standards, which make MRV-2 immediately ready for use.

MRV-2Other Characteristics

  • Test execution speed increased through automation.
  • Exercise stillness in accordance with the standards.
  • Constant and precise survey sensitivity.
  • Test parameters free choice and possibility to personalize some models recordable in memory.
  • Complete set of adapters and accessories for the most requested turbochargers.
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic system digital display with indication in real-time of the machine pressures, temperatures and safeties.
  • Ultra compact pneumatic milling machine on board machine for fast, good intervention works.
  • Stainless steel worktable with template-holder shelf and specific vice on board machine.
  • Environmental and accident-prevention validation.
  • Machine ready for use with annexed instruction manual.
  • Integrate acoustic cases.
  • Machine levelling feet with integrated wheels for a fast positioning and an easier maintenance.

Technical data

  • Work speed: over 200,000 rpm
  • Air tank: 272 litres.
  • Net pressure: minimum 7 bar / maximum 10 bar.
  • Oil tank capacity: 5 litres (SAE 15/30).
  • Voltage: 110 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz.
  • Sizes: height 165 cm, length 125 cm, depth 85 cm.