When we started more than 25 years ago the turbocharger business, one of the major problem we had to face was to find the proper tools and balancing machine to use in our workshop where, at that tine, we were repairing the production rejects and warranty units for all the italian engine manufacturers.

Because the equipment we got from the market was limiting our ability to do fast, first class repairs, we decided to study our own balancing machine specifically for the repair of turbochargers and we made a first unit that we used in our workshop.

Once our Customers saw the Redat balancing machine, that was assuring a fast and precise job, they asked if we could supply the very same balancing machine and that is where our production of turbocharger balancing equipment started.

We are now able to offer:

  • MRV-2 balancing machine for CHRA (core assembly)
  • TurboMax-10 balancing machine for wheel assemblies.
  • GateTest 2 testing and calibrating all actuators.
  • A complete range of specific tools

We can supply a complete workshop that can be operative in 15 days, as we supply all the hardware and the training.